Reserve Unit


The SLMPD has a well-established Reserve Unit.

Reserve officers are unpaid volunteers.  Reserve officers provide support services that include such duties as riding with licensed officers on routine patrol, traffic and crowd control, crime prevention, residential and business checks, bike patrol, security assignments, and emergency call-outs for disasters and crisis situations.  They are required to donate a minimum of 120 hours a year (10 hours per month).

Reserve Unit members spend much of their time riding with licensed officers assisting them with calls and traffic stops. After completion of required training and performance evaluation, reserve officers can use a squad car on their own to check residences and businesses, perform assigned details, and assist licensed officers as requested.

The Reserve Unit holds monthly meetings at which current law enforcement and department issues are discussed. Additionally, each meeting features a training topic. Reserve officers may also receive training at other scheduled department training sessions along with licensed officers.

Some are planning to enter the law enforcement profession and are enhancing the pursuit of their career. Others are citizens with a variety of backgrounds not related to law enforcement, who have a desire to give to their community in a very interesting way.

The SLMPD Reserve Unit welcomes interested applicants who meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • At least 19 years old
  • Good physical condition
  • Possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license
  • Have no felony or gross misdemeanor convictions
  • Pass an oral examination
  • Pass a background investigation

Successful applicants must complete the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Reserve Officer School. This requirement may be waved if applicant is currently enrolled in a law enforcement program.

For further information, contact Officer Ricky Syhre at 952-960-1611 or Officer Justin Kuipers at 952-960-1624. See our Employment section for an application.

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